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The service that enables transferral of especially large files (up to 10GB) by e-mail between the Internet surfers in an effective, reliable, quick, simple, and convenient manner. The service is based on a unique technology enabling transferral of especially large files between the surfer’s computer and the server without unnecessary load on the server, and without a risk of failure to transfer a file as a result of a transient disruption in the middle of transferral.
The site is designed and constructed in a user-friendly and easy-to-use way. The site does not have ad attacks or spy programs, privacy and personal information about the surfers are preserved and protected, and no marketing use is made of them. The service is the easiest way for sharing large-size files with friends, family, or anybody else in the world. There is no need for registration to use the service – one simply opens the home page and begins to upload files. The files that are uploaded to the servers are stored in the data centre in Israel, the supported file volume given free of charge is larger than for any other similar service in the world, and the files remain on the server at least for a week.
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